Food Safety

Safe food begins on the farm. Veal farmers are committed to ensuring the food they produce is safe. Farmers provide excellent animal care, maintain clean barns and adopt environmentally sound practices so consumers can be confident the food they purchase for their families is safe.

In 1990, the Beef Checkoff Veal Quality Assurance Program (VQA) was developed to certify that veal farmers provide animal excellent care and use the best handling practices. Since the creation of VQA, veal farmers have increased the health and well-being of their animals while continuing to produce the high-quality, safe meat expected by customers.

Veal farmers were leaders in establishing this type of quality assurance program and continue in this tradition forward-thinking vision as they move to group housing.

Once calves leave the farm, they are inspected by federal and state agencies throughout each step of the production procress to ensure food safety. All state and federal meat inspection is overseen by the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), which regulates food safety standards for raw meat. FSIS inspectors work within meat processing and packing plants to ensure compliance. Only raw meat that meets FSIS standards for safety, wholesomeness and labeling is given a USDA seal.

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